What is premier league fantasy football and how to play? Part 3

Hello again! In Part 3 of the Premier League Fantasy Rules, we will look at the deadlines for your line-up changes, the automatic substitutions, the additional mini leagues and the cup tournament. If you missed Part 1 and Part 2, you can quickly get to them: here is the first article, and here is the second part!

We want to make more people understand the game and how it works. Let’s start with the deadline to complete your squad. It is always one hour before the start of the first match of the round. The same goes for the use of chips, up to 1 hour before the start. The good news is that bench boost and triple captain can be cancelled any time before the deadline, while wildcard and free hit chips, once selected, must be used in the upcoming gameweek.

Automatic substitutions – when one of your 11 selected players does not participate in a gameweek, your first priority reserve replaces him (this is the player on the right side of the bench goalkeeper). The rightmost player has the lowest priority. However, there are rules for changes related to your choice of formation. The rule in the first article applies – you must have at least 3 defenders, 3 midfielders and one striker on the pitch. Let’s see an example (field players only), formation 4-4-2:

Defence: Laporte – Van Dyke – Doherty – Dunk

Midfield: Sigurdsson – Pepe – Sterling (Captain) – Salah (Vice-Captain)

Forward: Kane – Deulofeu

Bench: Long (forward) -Moura (midfielder) -Lascelles (defender)

In this example, Pepe and Sterling get injured on the warm-up (hopefully, that doesn’t happen in real life), and Van Dyke doesn’t play (Liverpool fans calm down, it’s just an example). Your first substitute will be Moura replacing Pepe and your second will be Long in the place of Sterling. Lastly Lascelles comes in for Van Dyke and your formation is now 4-3-3 with Captain Salah. You will never have a 5-5-0 or 2-5-3 formation because the minimum number of players for each position is not met.

And now leagues – private and public. You may participate in a total of 20 private leagues and here is the fun part of the game – to rub your friends’ noses and beat them. Also you take part in 3 public leagues, there is no limit to the number of teams you can enter in these leagues. Global Leagues – You are automatically added in 4 Global Leagues – the one of all the teams, the one of all the teams in your country, the one of all the fans of the team you selected as your favourites and the one of all the managers that created their team the same week that you did.

There are 2 league types for points – classic (with your points accumulated after each gameweek) and head2head, similar to the English Premier League, you get 3 points for winning and 1 point for a tie. The teams in this type of leagues play against each other. Example: In the third round, you face an opponent – you have 76 points and your opponent 21 points. You get 3 points for your win. If the opponent has 75 points, you will still receive 3 points :). You have a total of 38 rounds.

And finally – the Fantasy Premier League Cup! In a nutshell – it starts in round 17 and features the top 4,194,304 rankings managers. From there on it is a head2head league, like any bowl. The fun moment is if a tie happens. In that case the following principles apply – the team with more goals scored by its players goes through, if another tie appears the team with less goals conceded is the winner. In the rarest cases that another tie ensues a virtual coin toss is used to decide the winning team.

The three rules articles are enough to get you started in the fantasy football field, and we promise to help with articles, content and statistics throughout the season. We look forward to seeing you on social media too.

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